Individual sessions              $130

Package Deals                     offered in packages of 4, 6, 8 and 10 sessions 

Child or Teen sessions         $100 (per session)

Family Healing Session       $250.00 (3 hour session)

FREE 15 min phone consultation available 

*You can experience miraculous changes in as little as 4-6 sessions and save money by purchasing one of our packages. 


Everyone has different needs.  You may want to find relief with a traumatic experience, relief form anxiety or depression symptoms, support with changing an unwanted habit or to transform several areas of your life. 


You can choose from different packages specifically tailored to get you to your desired level of happiness, health and wellness. I personally will help you to create a plan suited for your needs. 


How hypnotherapy can help clients who suffer from insomnia 


Individual hypnotherapy sessions provide life altering changes and teach you techniques and tools that you can continue to benefit from after sessions. 


Examples of packages offered:                                         Package of 4 sessions $450

·         Trauma Healing Package                                                        6 sessions $625

·         Phobias and Fears Disappear                                                  8 sessions $825

·         Create a New Lifestyle and a New You                                    10 sessions $1000

          Weight loss package

          Eliminate your unwanted habit     


 Family Healing Session:

Family healing sessions provide support to all members of the family who are impacted by various stress, arguments, patterns and trauma. Virgina Satir describes family therapy as “necessary to address family pain and heal family wounds.” These sessions are designed to explore the dynamics of your family and give you and your family new tools to increase everyone’s awareness of the issues, improve lines of communication and develop a deeper understanding of accepting and honouring each person within the family. What is unique about Lisa’s family healing sessions is that she will provide exercises and techniques within her sessions to help clients manage emotions using meditative tools. This is especially helpful with families dealing with teenagers. The initial consultation is three hours in a group session and if necessary it may be recommended to see members of the family individually. ​


* Lisa is an intuitive and can provide tarot card and palm readings for individuals or 15 mins mini sessions at parties. 

* For more information please e-mail 

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